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The Energy Initiative is the University of Illinois Chicago home of Dr. George Crabtree. Join us as we work towards a more just energy future.

Message from the Director Heading link

The world is undergoing an historic transition from traditional fossil fuels to more sustainable forms of energy. These new changes affect technology, the environment, economies, and geopolitics. This landscape affords unprecedented opportunities for collaborative scientific research and education to answer global challenges with innovative and competitive solutions.

A universal culture of excellence and competition must drive scientific discoveries and innovative technology and integrate into society through a diverse but balanced energy portfolio. We can achieve this goal when individuals make educated decisions on energy at the personal and civic levels.

The Energy Initiative seeks to inspire and cultivate the minds of future decision-makers to pursue energy research and innovation through interdisciplinary educational opportunities using authoritative information and critical thinking. It enhances the UIC urban educational mission, strengthens its energy programs, and engages students to solve real-world energy problems.

We welcome anyone who will join us in this pursuit.

George Crabtree, PhD
Distinguished Professor, Physics & Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Director, The Energy Initiative, University of Illinois Chicago
Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne and JCESR Affiliate Heading link

Imagine a world where storage plays a much larger role in advancing the coming energy transitions in vehicles and the grid. We would have specialized batteries for our own electric vehicles, for short-hauling people and goods, and for long-haul freight. The grid would have storage for renewable integration, managing system-wide demand, and delivering customized electricity service. Batteries for electric flight would power Uber air taxis, deliver packages, and enable short-haul commercial flight. To accomplish this vision, we need batteries for a diversity of uses.

Energy After War: How Ukraine Affects Us All Heading link

In February of this year, Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, global energy markets have been in a state of flux. With energy companies divesting from Russian providers and strategic oil reserves across Europe and America running dry, the immediate future of conventional energy production and usage is rife with unknowns. To complicate matters further: the direct attacks on Ukrainian nuclear power plants and the stability of Chernobyl renew questions regarding the use of nuclear power. The matter goes beyond energy itself–the increase in military spending will affect social safety nets, such as healthcare, and environmental protection. This panel will synthesize what has happened across global energy markets since February 2022, how that affects us in the present, and how this will change our future energy landscape.

Featuring George Crabtree (Argonne, UIC), Elisabeth Moyer (U Chicago), Anthony Andrews (Governors State U), and Donald Wuebbles (UIUC). Moderated by Denise Hernandez (C2ST).