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Meet our Community Partners

Partnership Impact

Urban Growers Collective and UIC have monthly meetings to coordinate and explore ways to leverage their research to support UGC by partnering on funding opportunities; engaging the UIC academic network and UGC community partners in collaborative community led work. Integration and advancement of climate justice will be more successful and sustainable with our community partners’ collaboration and input.


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Urban Growers Collective

Urban Growers Collective Logo

Urban Growers Collective (UGC), a Black- and women-led nonprofit farm based on Chicago’s south side uses urban agriculture as a tool to 1) address the inequities and structural racism in our food system, and 2) develop opportunities for economic development and healing.  Urban Growers Collective oversees a portfolio of 8 farms over 11 city acres. Urban Growers Collective provides job training and education, food access, and community engagement programming.


Green Era

Green Era Logo

Green Era, a partnership comprised of multiple entities (Green Era Sustainability, Green Era Education NFP, and Urban Growers Collective), have collaborated to bring green energy and jobs to the Southside of Chicago at a 9 acre campus with Anaerobic Digester and Urban Farm Site at 83rd and Wallace St. Green Era Sustainability  will operate the anaerobic digester; and a not for profit arm, while Green Era Educational NFP that owns the Campus site will provide programming and community outreach.