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Coursera: For Nerds Like Us

by User Not Found | Mar 02, 2015

            Nerds, rejoice. Coursera is an online educational tool that offers massive open online courses (MOOCs) for the general public. With this, people have the power to learn to their heart’s content. Many courses are offered from real live professors approved from a variety of universities and colleges from around the world.

1- organic cell
             In the spirit of science geekiness, I found a very interesting course that may intrigue sustainability and energy efficiency fanatics. “Organic Solar Cells - Theory and Practice” is a course offered by Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Not only do you get to learn from amazing European scientists, but also you get to learn about how organic solar cells are efficient and can be next big solution our world needs!

            This course teaches at your own pace and it has 6 modules to follow with. I’m currently listening in on their videos and I’m constantly learning new things. As a student with a biochem background, the world just got bigger. Check it out at!