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Republicans Attack on EPA!

by User Not Found | Mar 24, 2015

Personally, I like to keep an eye on politics. I don’t identify myself as a Republican or a Democrat, but as a split-ticket voter. In fact with elections coming up everywhere, I like to keep up with what the government has in store. Of course, this an energy/sustainability blog, so what’s the relevance and why should you care?

Quite simply because of the EPA (aka Environmental Protection Agency)!

The House Republicans unveiled their new strategy this Monday (3/23/15) to attack the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) climate rule through delay and state vetoes. While it’s quite controversial, let’s dissect the effects of such agenda. If it's passed, a state's governor would have the authority to veto any potential plan -- from the state or from the EPA -- to comply with it if he or she thinks it would threaten electricity prices or reliability. I'm sure the House Republicans that put this into effect do mean well, and are simply looking out for its constituents' costs and businesses, but are still supportive of the EPA's fight against climate change. 

According to The Hill article, it's the most "significant government action that’s been proposed to fight climate change, but businesses and Republicans say it would cost far too much, and are fighting it tooth and nail." Check out the article link below!