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by User Not Found | Apr 06, 2015

If Orange is the New Black, is Health the New Polar Bear?

On April 16th Elena Grossman will come to our UIC sponsored iThink talks to discuss about the different repercussions that climate change brings to our well being. Her talk surrounds the image that people normally have when hearing the phrase, climate change. Normally, people picture defenseless polar bears desperately clinging to life as the glacier it is holding on to is slowly melting, but by shifting the climate change conversation from polar bears to humans and health she hopes to bring attention to energy efficiency and carbon dioxide reduction in way that people can understand the gravity of the situation. 

Elena Grossman's work always entailed the health sciences and environmental sustainability. In May 2011 she began her work at UIC where she earned her masters in Public Health, Community Health Sciences, and Global Health. She worked as project coordinator where she developed and designed courses for new employees at the Cook County Department of Public Health. She currently works as project manager where she oversees the process of developing a climate and health adaptation plan for Illinois.

Information about this iThink even is published below! We all highly recommend your attendance!
Meet Elena Grossman