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Parley, Parley

by Ayesha Riaz | Jul 30, 2015


/'pärlÄ“/ verb: to hold a conference with the opposing side to discuss terms for an armistice.

The premise of existence has been Man vs Nature. As man progressed, we have learned to adapt and have certainly learned many things. However, we are still subjected to Nature at our very root because we rely on the atmosphere to stay alive, the soil to provide sustenance, and the ecosystems to maintain this fragile but resilient balance. While we can parley about human-caused problems, we cannot do the same with nature. So the conversation turns into one about alternative decisions we can make as consumers.

Sustainable consumerism is great, but what happens when there are no products available on the market that cater to this ideology? The responsibility lies not only on the consumer, but the industry as well: to provide a sustainable market with new services and products. 


Introducing Parley for Oceans, an organization started in 2013 with an emphasis on protecting the most fragile ecosystem of earth, the oceans. Parley for Oceans began as a space where visionaries gathered to raise awareness about the environmental threats and concerns of the ocean such as ocean acidification, over-fishing, agricultural run-off and plastic pollution. Representatives include scientists, artists, engineers, designers, and musicians. The overlap between industries creates opportunities to develop alternative business models and ecologically-driven products.

Some of their collaborations include The Vortex Project, Bionic Yarn, and G-Star Raw.


The founders of Bionic Yarn created a textile derived from recycled ocean plastic. They currently have 2 types of yarn in production: DPX which is a blend of recycled plastic fibres and natural fibres, and HLX which weaves together layers: core of high strength, middle of recycled material, and top coating of any fiber to essentially replicate the feel and aesthetic of the fabric. Using the hybrid fabric, G-Star Raw is Pharrell Williams' (musician/designer) clothing company that offers one of the first solutions for thoroughly sustainable clothing.  Read for more info:!/tagged/project/0

Recently, Parley for the Oceans was hosted by the General Assembly of the United Nations as a series of talks titled "Oceans. Climate. Life." that emphasized the importance of learning how to coexist with the ocean. Covering 71% of the planet and containing 97% of the water supply, regulating climate, providing oxygen, the oceans have many services to offer us. Parley for Oceans believes that creativity and collaboration is key to action.


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