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A More Global Classroom

by User Not Found | Feb 27, 2015
A Global Classroom
Everyone can see that students unfortunately develop apathy towards the classes they take for their majors. There is a lack of substance that takes away the interest in the course material. There are an abundance of majors that UIC provides and there are ways to expand on one's educational goals. The Energy Initiative helps students further their interest in the field on an international level. We are using a "A Global Classroom" as a bridge to create this network. This network would allow students to get acquainted with how business is done internationally. By inviting guests from companies all over the world we believe it would enrich the viewers' learning experience. It is better to learn through experienced business leaders rather than words on a page. The beauty of this program is that it will bring excitement to education. We look forward to developing a great global network with international support and open up new possibilities.