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3 Reasons why is

by User Not Found | Mar 20, 2015

Sustainable Energy For All is an initiative that brings together top-level leadership from all sectors of society (governments, business, and civil society) to achieve a transformation of the world's energy systems and prepare a more safe, healthier, and cleaner world for future generations.

Watch the chairman of Bank of America, Chad Holliday, speak about Sustainable Energy For All 

1.) It lists events and meetings to attend!

For people that always look for ways in which to become active, lists information about the Sustainable Energy for All Forum 2014- 2024. Members of the UN participate to discuss many topics regarding sustainable energy. The forum invites speakers like the chairman of Bank of America, Charles Otis "Chad" Holliday, the President of Iceland, and many more from all over the world. It allows you to sign up to attend this great event and become more involved in sustainable energy. 

2.) It offers jobs!

Ever dream of working along side the UN in hopes to provide accessible modern energy services to developing countries? This website announces the openings of job opportunities relevant to their goals. What is even more amazing is that it also lists for other ways to get involved. Just sign up to automatically receive the daily newsletter and you'll always be informed of whatever is happening.

3.) SE4ALL always makes sure to keep you updated!

Sustainable Energy for All provides its viewers with updated information and news regarding their progress and its own members. What is even more awesome is that you don't need to sign up for anything to read all of these events. 

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