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Scarcity or Misuse?

by User Not Found | Apr 13, 2015


Recently, I stumbled across an article from The Jakarta Post about the water scarcity of Indonesia (which in actuality is water misuse by those who have it). Apparently, March 22nd is World Water Day; a day that is celebrated annually to advocate for sustainable management of freshwater. The spotlight was turned to Indonesia in this article as the nation’s population is growing, and the need to improve the water management and its related plans.

No doubt, this can impact a great success down the line for Indonesia’s economy, water sources, and public health. These three points are the key driving factors as to why we (and the Indonesian government) need to pay more attention to sustainability and the progress of energy efficient plans for water treatment. It can impact policies on a national and international level. Check more out at the article below!

Source: Google Images (2013 graph)