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The Netherlands is First to lay out Solar Roadways: A Follow Up

by User Not Found | May 12, 2015

The Netherlands lays out world's first solar roadways!

In November of 2014, a cycle path that stretched 70 meters was laid out between two suburbs of the city of Amsterdam. The roadway generates solar power from its textured glass-covered photovoltaic cells. 

Presently, only 70 out of the planned 100 meters has been completed, the left side of the picture is the solar road while the right one is the conventional concrete is on the right. This spot has proven to be the perfect project area since it is always bathed in sunlight.
 As not many may know, the Netherlands is huge on biking despite the wet, maritime climate. As stated in my previously, the roadways create their own thermal energy that would resist snow or any ice buildup, facilitating pedestrian and driver travels. Not only that but the road has also proven to have great traction! It is "effectively impossible" to slip on the surface which is great for the rainy weather. 
So far the only thing that has raised some questioning on this amazing project is the reflectiveness of the road and whether or not it could pose as a problem. In spite of this small bump many people are excited to see what this will bring to the future and how it will impact the bike riders of Amsterdam! 

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