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Selling the Message of Sustainability

by User Not Found | May 26, 2015

The Origin:

Since 2013, Ford has been working on the MyEnergi Lifestyle program which shows how a typical American family can reduce their energy, gas, and CO2 footprint by substituting run-of-the-mill energy consuming devices with energy efficient appliances and other products. Some of these products include: 
1.) C-Max Energi: An automobile that delivers an EPA-certified 108 MPGe city, 92 MPGe highway rating, and 100 MPGe combined. It estimates to save $7,000 in fuel costs over five years.
2.) Smart Appliances: These appliances feature smart nudges and alerts that send the user a friendly reminder if the fridge is open longer than five minutes, if the power goes out, or if the water filter needs to be changed.
3.) Solar Energy: These solar panels are referred to as SunPower. They proclaim to be the most efficient cells in the industries while being the most efficient energy needs and customer budget.
4.) EV Charging Stations: Eaton's charging stations are safe, reliable, and guarantee to charge the C-Max energi quickly. 


The Plan:

Ford decided to team up with Chinese-owned appliance manufacturer Haier, as well as local solar power company Trina Solar and electric vehicle charging company Delta Electronics to bring the message of sustainable energy and to launch the MyEnergi Lifestyle pilot program to Chinese families in Beijing and Shanghai via CES Asia.


The program will also show Chinese families how to reduce their power bills as much as 60 percent a year. Based on research conducted with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Ford predicts the program will lead to "40 percent and 69 percent drop in electric and gasoline bills, respectively, for estimated annual savings of approximately AU $1,900 (RMB 9,400)." The company also predicted a huge impact on decreasing pollution-inducing emissions. 

Other news included the new Smart Mobility projects built around car sharing, real-time traffic and parking analysis, and driverless technology. The company also announced that it will further its GoDrive car-sharing initiative by launching the service in London and inviting 2,000 members of the public access to 50 cars across the city. Also, Ford announced a new project in the city of Chongqing, China that will utilize real-time travel and GPS data on buses in order to provide pedestrians and commuters more detailed arrival times.

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