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Making Renewable Energy Commercially Viable

by User Not Found | Jun 05, 2015

South Korea Aims to Make Renewable Energy Commercially Viable:

In my previous post, "South Korea's Fuel Cell Race," I spoke about South Korea's evident and passionate pursuit for a more renewable future. In Asia the market calls for the renewable energy to be used to industrialized purposes, but recently Hyundai Motor introduced a fuel cell variant of the Tucson SUV that is considered to be "the first  mass-produced vehicle of its kind."


This action led by this South Korean company is a reflection of the country's increasing role as the world leader in developing clean energy above giants like the United States, Russia, and Japan. 

What is in store for the future?:

According to sources like, South Korea hopes to produce a minimum of 1,000 units of hydrogen powered vehicles, including supporting infrastructures by 2020.

By 2030 their plan is to draw 20% of its power needs from clean energy (10% coming from fuel cell).

OilPrice also estimates that by 2022 the fuel cell stationary market will be worth $15 billion.

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