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Korea Travel Vlog Part 1

by User Not Found | Jun 21, 2015
On June 17th, 2015 I left for my study abroad trip to Seoul, South Korea. I will be staying in the Yonsei University dormitories for seven weeks, so I decided to record my adventures into a vlog.

These past few days have been life changing. Besides having to deal with the immense amounts of culture shock, I also was overwhelmed by the lack of garbage cans Seoul has. It is very difficult to find a garbage can in the streets but once you find one it always has a recycling bin attached so as to throw out any plastic and/or metal wastes. I have only seen one garbage can without it.

Besides that I also found what it seems like solar energy power boxes outside buildings. I have yet to find out what they do but my guess is that it helps power the corresponding building. 

There is also some footage of the city itself!

Enjoy my travel series part 1!