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Korea Travel Vlog part 2

by User Not Found | Jul 01, 2015
This week I decided to do a more appropriate introduction to my vlog. The theme is recycling as a part of South Korean lifestyle! 

It was very interesting to see that many people agreed with me that there is a lack of garbage cans compared to the USA. The reasoning behind this is still unknown. I asked my native Korean friends why and they simply mentioned that trash and recycling is a big deal here. 

In the video you will see that whenever I finally see a garbage can, there is almost always a recycling can next to it. What caught my attention is that they always have pictures to label the respective recycling function. At one point a garbage can said thank you to me (I unfortunately could not record this but I will try to put it in my next vlog).

Click on the link below :) 11.43.10