LAS 493 - Topics in Sustainability and Energy
3 (undergraduate) OR 4 (graduate) hours.


An interdisciplinary approach to issues of sustainable energy. Topics will vary, but will include sustainable energy technology, economics of energy, life cycle analysis, carbon emissions, environmental impact, and energy and environmental policy. May be repeated if topics vary. 

Contact instructor for more information - Dr. Elizabeth A. Kocs,

Spring 2018- Sustainable Mobility      Course Flyer
Fall 2017- Energy Storage for the Grid and Transportation

PHYS 116 - Energy for Future Decision-Makers 
3 hours. 

Survey of energy sustainability and environmental issues. All energy forms of production, sources, storage, and uses; their environmental implications on a global scale within the scientific, technological, political, economic, and social context. Recommended background: High school algebra. 
Natural World - No Lab course.

(course currently being revamped to include a lab)

PHYS 594 - Special Topics in Modern Physics 
1 TO 4 hours. 

Lectures on topics of current interest. Subjects are announced in the previous semester. May be repeated. Students may register in more than one section per term.Prerequisite(s): PHYS 512.

Spring 2018 Introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy : Announcement 2018

Previous Topics:

Fall 2014 - Electrodynamics and Its Applications, Instructors: George Crabtree & SeungBum Hong



US / UPP 130 - Principles of Urban Sustainability

3 hours. 


Introduces students to fundamental principles, interdisciplinary approaches, historical trends, policies and planning programs that promote sustainability in urban regions. US Society course.  Instructor for Spring 2018 - Dr. Elizabeth A. Kocs. Contact instructor for more information.

Spring 2018      Course Flyer
Fall 2017



Master of Energy Engineering Program



ME 594 - Energy Storage

This course will introduce students to the latest developments and current challenges in the field of rechargeable batteries, with strong emphasis on Li-ion battery technology and materials design. Sustainability and manufacturing challenges, and future outlook for designing beyond Li-ion batteries will also be discussed. Contact instructor for more information.

ENER 594/FIN 594 - Energy Markets and Contracting 

For more information regarding the course, please contact William Ryan <>

US 230 - Practices for Sustainable Cities

3 hours

This course provides introduction to topical issues of sustainable urban development, specifically addressing common and best practices, planning processes and barriers to sustainability practices, and methods to evaluate urban sustainability policy.
Instructor for Spring 2018 - Professor Moira Zellner. Contact instructor for more information.

US/PUBH 390 – Sustainability Internship


Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 3.24.04 PM

This course provides an intellectual framework for students to apply classroom learning to hands-on, project-based internships that advance the overall mission of greater social, economic, and environmental sustainability in the campus community. Contact instructor for more information.

Spring 2018: Course Flyer

GC 550 - Principles of Sustainability and GC 553 - Life Cycle Impact Assessment

For more information, please contact either Cynthia Klein-Banai (GC 550) at 
cindy@uic.eduor Tom Theis (GC 553) at . If you are an external student, please email or call 312-355-0243.