Energy Initiative Interns Frank Dalio and Joey Liu

by Ayesha Riaz | Aug 05, 2015

Interns Joey Liu and Frank Dalio have been working hard this summer on various projects.

Frank Dalio is a student at University of Illinois at Chicago currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning and Policy. He's been working with the Energy Initiative to create flyers and posters for upcoming courses related to energy topics and various programs such as SISE, iThink and University of Common Sense. He is interested in a career that will involve planning, design, and sustainable practices in an urban environment and hopes to create LEED standard public for future urban communities to enjoy. 

Joey Liu is a student in the UIC College of Engineering. His most recent blog focuses on solar energy. 

Improving  Efficiencies of Commercial and Residential Solar Panels 
Joey Liu

People have varying opinions on electricity generation and the integration of renewables in the U.S. In my opinion, U.S. electrical generation is extremely inefficient and renewables should replace fossil fuels, if we want future generations to have electricity. According to the Solar Industry Data Administration, there are over 645,000 homes and businesses with solar panels installed. Altogether, these panels generate about 20 Megawatts of electricity, enough to power 4 million American homes. Although this number seems large, it has the potential to be larger. One way to achieve this goal is to make solar panels more efficient.