2019 Program Application

There is no program fee for participation in NGenE, and travel and lodging support is available to everyone participating in the program. For more details on this support, please contact Thomas Alaan at talaan@uic.edu

All applications must be received no later than May 1, 2019.

Your Name

Please use your legal name.
Examples: If your legal name is Xin, but you prefer to be called Angela, type Angela here. If your legal name is Robert, but you prefer to be called Bob, type Bob here.

Contact Information

Make sure your physical address is the U.S. address where you currently reside. Your email should be a email address that is not affiliated with an institution or school. You will receive almost all NGenE correspondences through the email address you provide before, during, and after the program.
Please use a personal email, not school or work.
Make sure your profile is visible for us to see. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you will need to create one.

Academic Information

Please include institution name, degree, major, GPA, and adviser. Include GPA scale. Do not abbreviate. (e.g. University of Illinois at Chicago, Doctor of Philosophy, Physics, 4.5/5.0, Dr. George Crabtree)
Please include information about degrees earned (bachelors and other graduate degrees). Include institution name, degree, major, GPA, and adviser. Do not include adviser if not relevant. Include GPA scale. Do not abbreviate. (e.g. University of Illinois at Chicago, Master of Science, Physics, 4.5/5.0, Dr. George Crabtree).


ESSAY #1: How are you involved on the frontiers of electrochemistry research? Provide a narrative and supporting documents. (1,000 character limit. Ensure your essay is cohesive and concise. Your spelling, grammar, and structure will be taken into account)
Supporting Documents
Upload documents in support of ESSAY #1 here. All documents must be combined into a single .pdf.
ESSAY #2: List two questions related to the frontiers of electrochemistry in which you are interested in exploring/answering, and why those are interesting to you. (1,000 character limit. Ensure your essay is cohesive and concise. Your spelling, grammar, and structure will be taken into account)

Program Conflicts

NGenE will be held in Chicago on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) from June 3-7. Participants from outside Chicago are expected to arrive in Chicago on June 2 and leave anytime on June 8. Participation in all NGenE activities is required unless excused by program administrators. Excused absences include classes/finals, special occasions (e.g. wedding), or work/religious obligations that are cleared with NGenE ahead of time. Applicants who must miss more than a single day should not apply, and participants who miss more than a single excused day will be expelled from the program. Please indicate any known conflicts below, definitive or potential. NGenE will contact you if it has any concerns about your schedule.

Please initial below if you understand.

If so, please list them here.

Immigration Information

Information collected here regarding immigration status is not reported to any entity outside of NGenE and does not affect acceptance into the NGenE program. Should an applicant be chosen to participate in NGenE, this information helps NGenE collect the documentation for any reimbursement and/or clearance into governmental buildings. Restrictions on entry into some facilities (e.g. Argonne National Laboratory) may apply.
What is your citizenship status?

If applicable. If you are a dual U.S. citizen, please indicate that you are a U.S. citizen above and skip this question.
If applicable.

Demographic Information

Do not abbreviate. (e.g. April 21, 1990)
Gender Identity

Do you identify as being of Hispanic, Latino, Spanish, Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, or Cuban origin?

Racial Identity

More About You

NGenE is primarily interested in your activities in electrochemistry, however, activities and evidence of initiative, drive, leadership, community involvement, and achievement is also important. Please take this opportunity to tell NGenE anything else you feel we should know or that is relevant about you and your background. Your other hobbies, activities, and interests are welcome here (e.g. you play a musical instrument, you frequently travel to Europe, you are a photographer, etc.).
How did you hear about NGenE?

Required Documents

Instructional text goes here
Resume or CV
Your resume or CV should be in .pdf format and current.

Supervisor Contact Information

Your supervising instructor will be sent an email asking them to complete a questionnaire about you and your work. They may, at that time, also upload a traditional recommendation letter if they so choose.
This must be a school or work address, not personal.

Submit Application

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