About The Program

The core of NGenE will consist of a combination of lectures and discussions, research project planning and mentoring, and, last but not least, demonstrations. While the bulk of the program will physically be developed at UIC, one day will be planned for a visit to ANL for lectures and demonstrations of the Advanced Photon Source and JCESR’s Electrochemical Discovery Laboratory. 

NGenE will bring 25 advanced graduate students and postdocs together with 10 distinguished lecturers for five days to identify and elaborate the most important unsolved challenges associated with electrochemistry.  These challenges will embrace the most important fundamental phenomena involving control of reactivity, transport and stability of electrochemical processes, and identify emerging strategies and materials.  The first edition will center around the context of electrochemistry in energy applications, but it is expected that the theme will evolve in subsequent editions, to topics that go from environmental remediation to medicine.

Lecturers will prioritize: i) the discussion of unsolved challenges in electrochemistry that the coming generations will need to address, and ii) the identification of representative innovative, forward-looking multi-modal experiments, theory and simulation to solve them. 

Student Research Projects
The students will be active players in setting the tone and vision of the Institute. They will assemble into teams of three to five, each team charged with choosing one of the top unsolved challenges in electrochemistry, and developing a scientific program to solve the challenge using innovative experiments and theory. On the final day of the Institute, each team will be allocated a 20-minute slot for the presentation of the challenge and their proposed innovative plan of research to their peers and a set of judges. The judges will be experts in the field spanning academia, industry, and national laboratories.

2017 Program

Program Date: June 26 - 30, 2017

The 2017 Edition will explore the theme “Phenomena at electrochemical interfaces”. The theme will be explored from multiple research angles.  Faculty will present a series of critical questions that remain to be answered, while motivating their importance through past experience and future societal needs.  Faculty will highlight the need for an accurate definition of chemical components at heterogeneous interfaces, down to the atomic level and under operating conditions.  Emerging techniques to probe and model interfacial phenomena will be presented and discussed.  Faculty and students will actively seek to frame their thoughts through the following questions:

  1. What are the most important unsolved issues in this area of electrochemistry?
  2. What do we know for each part and how do we know it- from experiment, from simulation, from intuition, from speculation?
  3. What do we want to know but do not know, and how we would go about finding it out – from next generation experiment, simulation or a synergy of the two?
  4. What intuition or experience guides our speculation about what could happen? 

Program Cost and Admission

There is no program fee for participation in NGenE, and travel and lodging support is available to everyone participating in the program. For more details on this support, please contact Thomas Alaan at talaan@uic.edu.

Participants must apply and be accepted into NGenE to participate. The online application, found here, requires 1) a LinkedIn profile, 2) two essays, 3) supporting documents demonstrating research in frontier electrochemistry, 4) two letters of recommendation, and 5) a resume or CV. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All applications must be received no later than May 15, 2017.


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2016 Program

Summary 2016

Faculty: Perla BalbuenaBruce Dunn, Joseph DuraAndrew GewirthSossina HaileNenad MarkovicLinda NazarPhil RossDaniel SchersonCarlo SegreHenry WhiteKang Xu