About The Program

NGenE selects up to 25 advanced graduate students and postdocs from around the country to partake in what is an intense week-long summer workshop that explores advanced topics in electrochemistry. They spend five days with ten distinguished researchers and lecturers to identify and elaborate on the most important unsolved electrochemical research challenges. They approach these questions through lectures and discussions, research project planning, mentoring, site visits, and demonstrations. The program takes place at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a day trip to Argonne National Laboratory for lectures and demonstrations of the Advanced Photon Source and the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research's Electrochemical Discovery Laboratory.

The program prioritizes 1) the discussion of unsolved challenges in electrochemistry that the coming generations will need to address, and 2) the identification of representative innovative, forward-looking multi-modal experiments, theory, and simulation to solve them. 

Student Research Projects
Participants are active players during NGenE. Working in teams, they choose one of the top unsolved challenges in electrochemistry and then develop a scientific program to solve the problem through innovative experiments and theory. On the final day of the program, each team presents their findings before their peers and a set of expert judges.

NGenE 2018 Participants

2018 Program

Program Date: June 4 - 8, 2017

NGenE 3.0 explores the theme “Electrochemistry in Motion.”

Electrochemistry is most valuable when electrical currents or valuable products can be generated. Control of these processes demands creating “movies” of the underlying reactions as they happen. This goal motivates most of the research in electrochemical technologies today. NGenE will explore the theme from multiple research angles. Faculty will present both our current gaps in mechanistic understanding of important electrochemical processes, and emerging strategies to add detail to the “movies”, in the highest possible chemical, temporal and spatial definition. They will lay out a series of critical unresolved questions that must become the priority of the next generation of electrochemists, motivating their importance through experience and future societal needs. Emerging techniques to probe and model electrochemical phenomena will naturally become a focus of the lectures. Faculty and students will actively seek to frame their thoughts through the following questions:

  1. What are the most important unsolved issues in our understanding of electrochemistry?
  2. What do we know today and how do we know it- from experiment, from simulation, from intuition, from speculation?
  3. What do we want to know but do not know, and how we would go about finding it out – from next generation experiment, simulation or a synergy of the two?
  4. What our current hypotheses of the phenomena that remain obscure, based on intuition or experience?

Program Cost & Admission

There is no cost to apply or attend the program, and travel and lodging support is available to participants. For more details, please contact Thomas Alaan at talaan@uic.edu. 

Participants must apply and be accepted into NGenE to participate. The online application (found here) requires 1) a LinkedIn profile, 2) two essays, 3) supporting documents demonstrating research in frontier electrochemistry, 4) contact info for your supervising instructor, and 5) a resume or CV. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All applications must be received no later than May 1, 2018.