Kang Xu 

ARL Fellow, Senior Chemist, Project Lead 
U.S. Army Research Laboratory


Kang acts as a research Chemist at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. He serves as a frequent panelist for industry, DOE, Electrochemical Society, and other international academic communities. He has 114 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and has edited/co-authored three books and book chapters.


  • Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • M.S. Polymer Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Physics, Academy of Sciences 
  • B.S. Organic Chemistry, Southwest University 

Research Interests

  • energy storage materials 
  • interface chemistry in electrochemical devices 
  • bio-inspired synthesis of materials


  • ‘“Water-in-Salt’ Electrolyte Enables High Voltage Aqueous Li-ion Battery Chemistries”, L. Suo, O. Borodin, T. Gao, M. Olguin, J. Ho, X. Fan, C. Luo, C. Wang, and K. Xu, Science, 2015, 350, 938
  • “Making Batteries Safer”, L. Hu, and K. Xu, PNAS, 2014, 111, 3205
  • “Electrolytes and Interphases in Li Ion Batteries and Beyond”, K. Xu, Chem. Rev., 2014,  114, 11503
  • “Non-aqueous Liquid Electrolytes for Lithium-based Rechargeable Batteries”, K. Xu, Chem. Rev., 2004, 104, 4303

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