Alan Zdunek

Visiting Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering 
University of Illinois at Chicago
 223 CEB
(312) 996-4607



25 years’ experience in electrochemical science and corrosion engineering research including electrochemical monitor development, corrosion and failure analysis, novel test cell design and characterization, and electrochemical characterization methods both in academia and in industry settings (research and manufacturing).  Prior to joining UIC, Dr. Zdunek was a Group Expert at Air Liquide’s Chicago Research Center and has extensive experience in prototype development, technology transfer and project management, working closely with industrial partners to transfer technologies to commercially-viable products.

Electrochemistry Courses Taught

Electrochemical Engineering:  3 semesters

Current Research Interests

  • Electrochemical characterization of nanostructured electrolytes and electrode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
  • Graphene-based nanofiber electrodes for supercapacitors and hydrogen generation
  • Electric-field enhanced fluidized bed process for desalination of brackish and sea water
  • Bio-tribocorrosion of dental implants


Other Research Interests

  • Coating and corrosion characterization using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • electrolysis design and scale-up
  • copper electrodeposition and electrochemical mechanical polishing chemistry development for microelectronics fabrication
  • electroless nickel deposition for corrosion prevention
  • electropolished stainless steel for high-purity fluid flow
  • mass transfer
  • current and voltage distribution of batteries and electrolysis processes
  • metal hydride development for hydrogen storage

Current Laboratory Capabilities

The Zdunek laboratory in the chemical engineering department at UIC has state-of-the-art electrochemical capabilities and equipment for conducting fundamental and applied research on fuel cells, batteries, corrosion, and electrolysis.  Equipment includes two DC power supplies and three sets of electrochemical equipment; a Perkin Elmer computer-controlled PARStat 2273 potentiostat/galvanostat with PowerSuite electrochemical software, a Gamry Instruments G750 potentiostat/galvanostat integrated into a computer with a FAS2 femtostat and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy capability, and a Gamry Instruments CMS100 potentiostat/galvanostat integrated into a portable, industrial computer.  The Gamry Instruments equipment is computer-controlled with Gamry Framework and Echem Analyst software.


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, IIT
M.S. Chemical Engineering, IIT
B.A. Chemistry, Knox College