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3 Reasons Why General Electric’s Tumblr Rocks

3 Reasons Why General Electric’s Tumblr Rocks

With the growing power of social media, a lot of companies are starting to hop on the Interweb express (aka the Internet culture). The most popular microblogging platform is none other than Tumblr. We all know it consists of various interests (including the weird side of the Internet), but would you expect the science side of Tumblr to produce interesting content on energy?

Apparently, it does.

Personally, I wouldn’t have thought so, but a large chunk is there. This includes content from companies like General Electric. And after looking through General Electric’s Tumblr, I think this represents a special branch of energy awareness known as total awesomeness, and here’s three reasons why.

  1. There’s a link that says Badass Machines.            Seriously, it says that. When you click this tab, you’ll find various gifs and videos on the latest technology or innovation. My favorite post shows how electronic musician Matthew Dear and GE acoustics engineer Andrew Gorton turned the sounds of some machines into music. Who would have thought?
  2. They have a thing called #emojiscience.             As a chemistry nerd, I liked how this website shapes everything into a periodic table. There’s more links, but this particular site encourages our generation to create your own “emoji” experiments at home and share it with them. The basic concept of Pinterest but revamped for STEM geeks. Again, there’s many, but the most amazing experiment for me is to create an electric pickle! 


  3. It’s creating an interest in energy and technology all over.

            I think that’s the key thing to look out for. Whether you are a fan of General Electric or not, they are promoting STEM education and interest in energy and energy efficiency. That is a number one priority when it comes to the next generation in my opinion: awareness.

Be sure to really check out their Tumblr: