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6 Solar Energy Inventions that will Rock your World

Efficiency with a little twist:

As much as it is degrading, our generation is both the most destructive yet  innovative that has ever happened to the planet Earth. The United States uses fifteen times more energy than the typical developing country! Luckily there are inventive and dedicated individuals who have created energy efficient gadgets that are both fun and environmentally friendly. According to Acciona— a Spanish company dedicated to civil engineering, construction, and infrastructure— the following devices are the top most intriguing and innovative gadgets that satisfy the energy needs of our society without producing any more harm.

The Solar Outlet:

window socket

Also called the Window Socket, this awesome gadget utilizes a suction cup to attach itself to any glass absorbing the reflective energy of the sun that goes through it. On the other side there is socket (only available in European standard) in which you can plug in any device you want! The only weakness is that it takes about five to eight hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, you can take it with you on the bus and use it to charge your phone for example.

The Window Socket

The Portable Solar Kitchen

This gadget is perfect for those outdoor lovers who enjoy a nice family outing and saving energy at the same time. This portable kitchen uses solar energy to reach a temperature of 370º allowing you to cook whatever you please! It is also available in three different models.


Portable Solar Computer

Portable Solar Computer
This computer uses solar energy to run its applications and functions and, get this, it does not need to be connected to an electrical power! This awesome gadget was created for the purpose of improving the education of students who reside in developing countries. It was also created for travelers and outdoorsmen. It operates on an open source software called Ubuntu Linux and is relatively cheap (retailing for about $350). The battery is capable of charging and it lasts for about eight to ten hours on its own! It is also water proof! Samsung has come up with a similar product in 2011 called, the Samsung NC215S. To learn more about it click here!

Solar Backpack

Solar Backpack

This crazy little gadget is perfect for those who love to travel outdoors. This solar-powered backpack absorbs the energy from the sun and converts that energy into power to charge iPads, cellphones, and anything else that needs charging. As long as there is sunlight, there is always a way to harness the power of the sun, and it only retails for about $97.

Urban Solar Bag

Urban Solar Bag

Created in the United States, these handy and fashionable bags feature solar panels that absorb the sun's energy which in turn convert it into power. With just a charging time of three hours, this energy allows your gadgets, such as iPods, cellphones, and other materials to be charged while looking fabulous. A Chicago company called Noon Solar (founded by Marianne Fairbanks and Jane Palmer at School of the Art Institute of Chicago) produce a large variety of these contemporary and stylish bags. To learn more about where you can get these click here!

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar-powered Air conditioner

The most astounding creation features an air conditioning device fed by solar energy. According to LG, this incredible machine "can reduce 212 kilograms of carbon dioxide in ten years." It combines the solar energy generated by modular cells and produces 70 watts per hour! Other companies have incorporated this technology into their devices. Sources state that the savings generated from using this device range from 35%-50% on the monthly bill.
Lennox SunSource is another company that uses this technology and incorporates it into their products. Although they lack in the aesthetic department, they effectively integrate solar power by using a single 190-watt solar panel which provides power to assist the motor components in any air conditioner.

To read more about Lennox and its featured products click here to read their press release.