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            The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) brings together a group of intelligent people together for a research partnership. It integrates engineers and scientists from various backgrounds like


government, academic, and industrial researchers.  With multiple institutions partnering with such a venture, UIC has the privilege to be one of them. 


Jordi Cabana and Robert Klie are currently working on an ambitious project to create a new battery that’s cheaper to operate. A challenge from President Obama, they went to tackle the “555 challenge”.  They were asked to create an electric battery with 5 times storage, that’s 1/fifth of the cost, and to do it in approximately 5 years!


Of course, both are amazing professors here at UIC! Jordi Cabana has a research group at UIC that is interested in the physical and inorganic chemistry of materials, with an emphasis on redox and transport properties. Their aim is to approach the chemical application with nanoscience to solve the energy problems with new advanced solutions.  Robert Klie is the principle investigator for the Nanoscale Physics Group at UIC. Their interests are focused on the structure-property relationships of defects and interfaces in nano-scale materials, such as Li iron battery materials, magnetic oxides, superconducting oxides and borides,structural ceramic, and heterogeneous nano-catalysts, as well as structures and reactions of sample in liquid.

Both of these professors have the intelligent and impressive background to contribute to the next generation of batteries. While that is the main goal, it’s nice to see where their history originated.