UIC Sustainable Mobility: A Brief Overview

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.52.20 PMThe world is on the brink of the biggest mobility revolution ever! A convergence of multiple societal trends and technological advances are poised to transform our future transportation and mobility systems. Trends including technology advances in electric vehicles, batteries, and autonomous vehicles, growth in urban populations, environmental protections and the sharing economy (ride sharing and Mobility on Demand (MoD), and increasing attention to traffic congestion, limited parking, and transportation equity are shaping the transformation in mobility and the business of transportation. LAS 493 Sustainable Mobility, a course offered at UIC this past Spring 2017, led by George Crabtree, Elizabeth Kocs and Bryan Tillman, opened a dialogue around this mobility transformation, utilizing a holistic approach to changes and emerging solutions for a sustainable mobility future. The course explored different modes of transportation from walking and biking to mass transit, autonomous electric vehicles, and interdependence of technological advances for mobility transformation, indicating the speed with which this transition will occur. Such a transition will have monumental impacts on society in the years to come.

Here is what Anthony Misiak has to say about his experience in the LAS 493 Internship.

"Through the US 390 internship course, I was placed as an Intern for the UIC Energy Initiative. Dr. Kócs assigned me through the Energy Initiative to assist with the LAS 493 Sustainable Mobility course. In addition to assisting Dr. Kócs with running the course website and lecture materials, I also attended the weekly lecture. Weekly guest lecturers from organizations and/or companies from leaders on sustainable mobility allowed me to listen and engage in discussions on the frontier of sustainable mobility. The LAS 493 course covered all fields of mobility, from electric vehicles to high speed rail. After learning about sustainable mobility from this internship, I became interested in opportunities within the field. I applied for an internship with the Safety and Environmental Department at Metra and will begin this spring. Without the knowledge gained from the LAS 493 internship, I can openly admit that I would not have gotten my internship with Metra. Sustainable mobility is a subject that is constantly full of new innovations and constantly evolving. UIC students have the unique opportunity to engage in discussions with leaders in the sustainable mobility field through the LAS 493 course, providing an engaging look into this growing field."