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Van Gogh and Trails

3 light pathSometime late last year (2014), the most amazing bike trail was released to the public. This sidewalk GLOWS IN THE DARK. Inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, Studio Roosegaarde created a kilometer-long path that’s adorned with a special paint that charges during the day to create the most beautiful sight at night.  It runs through the Dutch province of Noord Brabant, where van Gogh was born and raised. You’ll find the brilliance of art and its influences from science: an amazing clash of the past and the future into one form. Van Gogh would definitely roll in his grave. However, this was created with a purpose.
            If there’s one thing I want to pay attention to, it’s the fact that this crazy bike path is part of Roosegaarde's five-part Smart Highways project. It seeks to create and inform safe and environmentally friendly road networks. I say this is the best way to catch someone’s attention on energy sustainability. Hopefully, this will literally spark and generate some conversations and further implementations. Check out the Youtube video down below to get an interactive picture!