NGenE 2019 Program Information

Action Items

Please note that the following two action items should be completed by no later than May 20.

Non-Citizens: Additional ANL Registration Step

Please note that when you fill out the ANL registration form, you will be prompted to upload your INS documents (e.g., permanent resident card, passport, visa, etc.), as well as a current curriculum vitae (with all science and technology specialties, all work positions with no gaps in time, and current/accurate institutions attended along with degrees and years awarded). Please have these ready to upload when you complete the form.


Important Info to Have Handy


Phone Numbers

  • Thomas Alaan’s Cell: (304) 481-6638
    Please call or text between 8AM-9PM (unless it is an emergency)
  • Problems entering the dorms: (312) 355-6500
  • East Resident Assistant On-Call: (312) 287-2768


UIC-Guest Wireless

  • Username: ngene_353
  • Password:plac4Gin


Schedule of Events

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Travel
8:30 Travel
9:00 Orientation ANL Tour Group Work
9:30 Orientation ANL Tour Group Work
10:00 ANL Tour Group Work
10:30 Break ANL Tour Break
11:00 ANL Tour Presentations
11:30 ANL Tour Presentations
12:00 ANL Tour Presentations
12:30 Lunch Lunch ANL Tour Lunch Lunch
1:00 Lunch Lunch ANL Tour Lunch Lunch
1:30 Lunch Lunch ANL Tour Lunch Lunch
2:00 ANL Tour Presentations
2:30 ANL Tour Presentations
3:00 ANL Tour Presentations
3:30 Break Break ANL Tour Break Career Panel
4:00 Group Work Group Work ANL Tour Group Work Survey + Think Tank
4:30 Group Work Group Work ANL Tour Group Work Survey + Think Tank
5:00 Break Travel Break
5:30 Reception: Wise Owl Travel Dinner: Tuscany
6:00 - -

Location for Lectures

Lectures will be in the UIC Thomas Beckham Hall (ETMSW) building (1250 S Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60608.) in Room 180G.

Google Map of 1250 S Halsted St.

Research and Presentation Groups

Group Number Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Member 5 Member 6

Travel Reimbursement Info

We reimburse student participants at 50% the cost of their plane, train, or bus ticket to/from Chicago up to $500. (This does not include transportation around the city or to/from the airport.) We also reimburse drivers for mileage and gas to Chicago.

When preparing to purchase your flight, bus, or train ticket, please see these important guidelines (click below to expand). Above all else: do not purchase your ticket until you’ve confirmed with Thomas that the itinerary is eligible for reimbursement.

**All reimbursement documentation is due May 31.**


To process your reimbursement, we will need additional documentation from you, and this is based on your immigration status. Please see below (click below to expand) for the required documents. Please note this is sometimes in flux, and we may need to ask for additional documentation.

**All reimbursement documentation is due May 31.**


Lodging Information

Common Questions

Here’s a list of common questions we’ve encountered over the years. Let us know if you have any others.