Regarding Energy, UIC Knows What's Watt

It is the 21st century and we don’t have hover cars, robots to do our homework, or even alternative fuel that is easily accessible and affordable for all. What we do have is…

Public Perception of Nuclear Energy

According to CASEnergy Coalition for the advancement of nuclear energy, approximately 48% of Illinois relies on nuclear energy for power and electricity. This is due to Exelon’s 6 nuclear power plants located in…

Australia’s Price of Energy: A Deregulated Grid

Reposted from las493energy, authored by charlestyr. ( Australia has been a leader in energy policy over the last few decades, with results that may show how a future grid with distributed renewable generation…


A monthly lecture series, presenting STEM and sustainability issues to the greater UIC campus.

SISE 2014

Overview of the Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy.