Photo of Ross, Phil

Phil Ross

Senior Scientist/Engineer

University of California, Materials Science Division


Philip N. Ross, Jr. recently retired from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of the University of California where he was Senior Scientist in the Materials Sciences Division and Program Leader of the electrochemical basic energy sciences science program in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division. Dr. Ross has published over 300 journal articles (h-index 71), holds 5 patents, and was co-editor (with Prof. Jacek Lipkowski) of the Frontiers in Electrochemistry Series published by Wiley-VCH. He joined the research staff of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC), first at the Advanced Materials Laboratory of the Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Division, then the Corporate Research Center. In both positions at UTC he conducted research supporting the corporation’s fuel cell technology programs. He moved to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1978. He continued to conduct supporting research for fuel cell technologies after joining LBNL, and added research on lithium batteries and fundamental electrochemistry. He held several management positions at LBNL, including associate division director of the Materials Sciences Division (1989 – 1992) and acting scientific director of the Advanced Light Source (1992 – 1993). He was Chairman of the Gordon Conference in Electrochemistry in 1989, and received the David C. Grahame Award in Physical Electrochemistry from the Electrochemical Society in 1998. He was a detailee to the Office of Basic Energy Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy, in 1987-88, and has served on numerous DOE advisory groups and panels, including most recently (2008 – 2010) the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee (HTAC) advising the Secretary of Energy on matters related to the Hydrogen Economy. Since converting to a part-time position at LBNL he has served as consultant to several companies pursuing energy conversion and storage technologies involving both hydrogen and lithium chemistries.

Selected Publications

  • Weber, A.Z., Mench, M.M., Meyers, J.P., Ross, P.N., Gostick, J.T., Liu, Q.H. “Redox flow batteries: A review”, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. 41 (10) 1137-1164 (2011)
  • Yeo, B.S., Klaus, K.L., Ross, P.N., Mathies, R.A., Bell, A.T., “Identification of Hydroperoxy Species as Intermediates in the Electrochemical Evolution of Oxygen on Gold”, Chem. Phys. Chem. 11(9): 1854-1857 (2010)
  • Kim, Y.S., Bostwick, A., Rotenberg, E., Ross, P.N., Hong, S.C., Mun, B.S., “The study of oxygen molecules on Pt(111) surface with high resolution XPS”, Journal of Chemical Physics 133: 034501 (2010)


Ph.D, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Yale University
MS, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
BSE, Chemical Engineering, Yale University